ASC 320® Aluminum
An End-user is manufacturing large bearings for turrets on military humvees made out of aluminum. They are using a vertical Makino to manufacture their products.
Previously, the customer was using a carbide Cleveland twist drill running at a speed of 417 SFM and 0.003 IPR. Drilling to a depth of 2.00″ and creating a 0.2656″ diameter hole, the drill had a tool life of 2,940 holes. Also, the customer was using a high speed steel reamer in their production process. Because it was taking the customer one hour to ream the hole, they needed to update their tooling. They also wanted to have a longer tool life.
AMEC's Solution
In response to the customer’s desire for improvement, AMEC’s application engineers suggested using an ASC 320® tool, item #390E02656A21M. They advised running the tool at a speed of 417 SFM and 0.011 IPR. The results were outstanding and proved that the ASC 320® tool had a far more superior performance than the previous process. Not only did the customer obtain the extended tool life they had wanted, but they also succeeded in eliminating the reamer. Additionally, the customer received a total cost savings of $460.62 or 67.37%.
By switching to AMEC’s tooling, the customer received longer tool life and completely eliminated the reaming process. The customer also experienced a reduction in costs by using the ASC 320® tool.