Special AccuPort
A contract machine shop is manufacturing specialized hydraulic manifold blocks made out of low carbon steel. They are using a KIWA HMC with 1000 PSI coolant through the spindle. They are mounting 16 blocks on one tombstone at a time.
Previously, the customer was using 2 tools to complete their production process. First, they drilled with a Guhring solid carbide drill. Then, the hole was formed with a Hartland T-15 port forming tool. The cycle time of the tool was 16 blocks in 24 minutes. Turning to AMEC for improvement, the customer wanted to reduce the costs of machining the manifold blocks.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested using a special AccuPort432® #4 port with a pilot length of .512″ instead of our standard pilot length of .551″. This adjusted pilot length was achieved by providing both a special length Y series Super Cobalt TiAIN coated insert and an AccuPort432® holder, item # J1926-04Y-063F. They suggested running the machine at a speed of 2000 RPM, 202 SFM, and .005 IPR. The results were outstanding. The new cycle time of 16 blocks in 16 minutes reduced total cycle time by 33%. Additionally, the customer also saved $1,836.81 for every lot of 14,000 holes they processed.
With the drill and finish port forms being completed in one operation, pre-drilling was no longer required. Furthermore, the replaceable insert design eliminated regrinding.