AccuThread 856® ThreadMills
A machine shop is producing parts for a local valve and pipe fitting companies. They are using a Daewoo turning center with an external flush coolant to manufacture their products. The part being machined is an 11.5 NPTF “T” joint made out of ductile iron.
Previously, the customer was having problems with their tooling and production process. They had major quality issues with chipping the tap and their original process required hand threading to ensure quality. Their threads were not sealing to specifications and therefore the end-user had to reject numerous parts because of leakage. These quality issues created a need to expedite 350 parts. Turning to AMEC for a solution, the customer was hoping to improve the quality of their products and their production process.
AMEC's Solution
To address the customer’s needs, AMEC recommended using the AccuThread 856™ Threadmill, item #TMNK1000-NPTF. To use this product, the customer reviewed and downloaded the CNC G- Code 2 pass program. Using this tool, the customer would be able to eliminate the counter bore diameter core drill operation. The results showed great improvements. Our AccuThread 856™ Threadmill reduced our customer’s operations from 4 down to 2 and all scrap was eliminated. Our tools also showed little wear and they maintained specifications. Upon testing the parts for leakage, our customer found that all the samples had passed inspection.
Using AMEC tool, the customer produced higher quality holes and also reduced their tooling and cycle time. Thanks to the fantastic results of our AccuThread 856™ Threadmill, our customer has continued to purchase additional AMEC tools for other applications.