AccuPort 432® Wrought Aluminum
A production job shop is manufacturing hydraulic manifolds for various companies. They were using a Mazak 15HP horizontal CNC machining center with CAT 40 taper spindle and 200 PSI water soluble oil coolant through the spindle. The part being machined is a hydraulic manifold port block made out of non-heat treated wrought bar aluminum.
Previously, the customer did an initial spot drill in 5 locations with a 90° drill point. Then they drilled a hole 20.5 mm deep using a carbide tipped drill. Finally, they produced a spot face O-ring seat contour with a special Metcut carbide tipped form tool. Seeking a better way to produce the hydraulic manifolds, the customer wanted to manufacture their products at a lower cost with fewer tools.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested using an AccuPort432®, item #X1926-101-100F, with an extended length port contour cutter outfitted with a CPM-M4 TiN coated drill insert and a port form insert, item #J1926-07-C5A. The results were outstanding. Using the AccuPort432® process, the customer was able to produce the entire port form in 1 step. Receiving a total cost savings of $1,544.01 or 67.78%, the customer was exceptionally satisfied with our tooling.
Using the AccuPort432® tool, the customer was able to produce their products at a very low cost. They were also able to reduce their tooling to just one tool instead of the previous three.