T-A® Drilling Inserts
An End-user is manufacturing orthopedic instruments and implants for the medical industry. They are using a HAAS VMC with water soluble coolant to produce their products. The part being machined is an orthopedic component made out of stainless steel designed to support a human vertebral column.
Previously, the customer was using a modified standard T-A® holder with a #180N-13 Premium Cobalt TiCN coated insert. Drilling a 0.437″ core hole diameter, the tool was running at a speed of 250 RPM and 0.005 IPR. Producing a manageable chip size, the chips were small enough to evacuate down through the core hole and up out the top. With a cycle time of approximately 4 minutes, the tool had a life of 25 holes. Satisfied with AMEC’s commitment to excellence, the customer turned to AMEC to improve their hole finish and increase tool life.
AMEC's Solution
Noticing that the wear pattern originated at the chip breakers, AMEC’s application engineers recommended a T-A® insert without chip breakers. They also utilized TiAIN coating to improve heat resistance. Running the suggested T-A® insert, item #180A-13-NC, at a speed of 280 RPM and 0.005 IPR, the results proved that AMEC was committed to providing the customer with the best tool available. Additionally, the customer improved penetration rate and surface finish.
Once again AMEC provided the customer with the most efficient tool available and improved the tool life and hole finish.