GEN3SYS® 41L40 Aerospace Contract Shop
The end-user is machining a 41L40 sleeve bearing on a Daewoo Lynx 200L lathe with 100 PSI through-tool coolant.
Previously the customer was using a Guhring RT 800 WP high penetration drill running at the following parameters: 550 RPM, 0.005 IPR (0,13 mm/min), resulting in 2.75 IPM ( 69,85 mm). They were drilling a 1.201" (30,50 mm) diameter hole to a depth of 3.82" (97,03 mm). Total drilling time to complete 100 holes was 139 minutes, with a tool life of 382 total inches. Before committing to repurchasing the competitive carbide drill inserts, the customer asked what Allied could bring to the table.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling System, using insert item 5C129H-30.5 and holder 60329S-125F. GEN3SYS® was run at the following parameters: 715 RPM, 0.012 IPR (0,30 mm/rev) resulting in 8.58 IPM (217,9 mm/min). GEN3SYS® delivered a performance that exceeded the expectations of the customer by drilling 632 total inches in just 74 minutes.
GEN3SYS® exceeded the customer’s expectations by proving to be the clear choice over the competitive tool. Allied’s solution allowed for a 70% reduction in cycle time while obtaining 66% additional tool life. The Cost Per Hole fell from $2.98 to $1.08, which resulted in a cost savings of 63.7%!