AccuThread 856® 4140 Valves & Fittings Contract Machine Shop
The end-user is machining valves made from 4140, using an OKK HM800S horizontal machining center, with 800 PSI water soluble coolant.
Previously the customer was using an Xactform, running at the following parameters: 1300 RPM, 0.004 IPR, (0,10 mm/rev) which resulted in 2.6 IPM* (66 mm/min). The tool produced a 2 ½ - 14 UN thread, 2.0 inches deep (50,8 mm). The tool had a cycle time of 6 minutes, 2 seconds and a tool life of 475 holes. The customer was having issues with the thread quality and invited Allied to test its thread mill against Xactform.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the AccuThread 856® indexable thread mill, using insert item TN150K-UN14I and holder THP-1116-3F150. The tooling ran at a speed of 1800 RPM, 0.006 IPR (0,15 mm/rev) which resulted in 5.98 IPM* (151,89 mm/min). The AccuThread had a cycle time of 1 minute, 19 seconds and a tool life of 1000 holes, more than double that of the Xactform tool.
The Allied AccuThread 856® made a significant difference for the customer by meeting the goals of improved thread quality. As a bonus to this overall operation, Allied helped to reduce the costly machine run time. The results showed a drop in the cost from $10.35 to $2.30, for a remarkable cost savings of 78%. This is a success story that illustrates how improved quality doesn’t have to come at a higher price.