GEN3SYS® Grey Cast Iron Aerospace
The end-user is manufacturing base plates for turret presses made from grey cast iron, 183-234 Bhn, using a Haas EC 400 machining center, with 300 PSI through spindle coolant.
Previously the customer was using a Seco Crownloc exchangeable tipped drill, running at the following parameters: 1,150 RPM, 0.010 IPR, (0,25 mm/rev) which resulted in 11.5 IPM (292,1 mm/min). The tool drilled a 0.551" (14 mm) diameter hole to a thickness of 2 inches. The tool had a cycle time of 15.4 seconds and a tool life of 250 minutes, producing 974 holes. Looking for improvements in tool life, the customer asked if Allied could provide a better tool.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended GEN3SYS® using insert item 5C214H-14-CI and holder 60514H-075F. The tooling ran at a speed of 2,080 RPM, 0.012 IPR (0,30 mm/rev) which resulted in 25 IPM (635,0 mm/min). GEN3SYS® had a cycle time of 9.8 seconds and a tool life of 300 minutes, producing 1837 holes. Five seconds of machining time was added into both competing tools to account for the positioning of the work piece for drilling.
The GEN3SYS® with Cast Iron geometry met the customer’s goals of increased tool life, while providing over 2X the penetration rate. The tool life was increased by 88%, while the cost per hole fell from $0.70 to $0.44, for a cost savings of over 37%. More impressively, the time saved in the actual drilling process was 61%! Allied saved the end-user money, and maintained a consistent hole size compared to the Seco Crownloc drill.