EcoCut Aluminum
A small job shop is producing drying chamber covers for a local lab equipment manufacturer. They are using a Mazak Quick Turn 30 with a 12″ chuck diameter and through coolant. They are machining these drying chamber covers out of aluminum.
Previously, the customer was using a several step process in order to manufacture their products. They used a drill, an end mill, a rough boring bar, and a finish boring bar. They also had a second setup including two grooving tools. Turning to AMEC for improvements, the customer wanted to reduce the number of tools in their ID stations to reduce the number of setups.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested the customer use EcoCut tooling including a drill and a rough bore. They recommended the drill be run at a speed of 80 SFM and .005 IPR while the rough bore is run at a speed of 1075 SFM and .01 IPR. Because the EcoCut tool creates a flat bottom hole, the end mill was eliminated from the process. The results were excellent. The EcoCut tool replaced three tools and therefore opened two ID stations. Additionally, the tool also eliminated the second setup and improved part accuracy. Based on running ten parts, the customer received a total cost savings of $23.28 per part or 54%.
As desired, the customer was able to reduce the number of tools used in the process. Although they were initially worried about the number of setups, the EcoCut tool was able to eliminate all of the setups. In addition, the customer also saved a significant amount of money.