GEN3SYS® 1018 Shaft Coupler Manufacturer
An end-user is manufacturing shaft couplers and is looking to increase tool life. They are running these parts on a 30 HP Okuma vertical machining center with through-tool coolant using water soluble oil. The part is made of 1018 material and requires 8 drilled holes at 0.754 + 0.000 - 0.001 diameter and 1.12" deep. The true position of these holes has to be within a tolerance of 0.006".
Previously the customer was using a Precision Twist Drill solid carbide coolant through-drill, and then reaming the hole to size. The drill was running at 1040 RPM, 0.0077 IPR (0,196 mm/rev), which resulted in 8 IPM (203,2 mm/min). The tool life was about 90 parts before the drill had to be replaced. The customer did not have any luck with regrinds as they would crash the tool often.
AMEC's Solution
Allied suggested using the GEN3SYS® with insert 5C118H-.7545 and holder 60318S-100F. This tool was able to run at 1800 RPM, 0.0083 IPR (0,211 mm/rev), which resulted in 15 IPM (381 mm/min). The GEN3SYS® High Penetration drill was able to complete 406 parts before the tip had to be replaced. The quality of the hole was within specification and did not require reaming.
The GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling System delivered the increased tool life the customer wanted. The competitive drill was only able to achieve 90 parts (8 holes per part) for a total of 720 holes, while GEN3SYS® completed 406 parts for a total of 3,248 holes. Allied made a huge impact on this application by nearly doubling the penetration rates, extending the tool life by four-times and eliminating the reaming operation. All these benefits equated to a sizable annual dollar savings of over 79% for the very pleased customer.