EcoCut Extension Wrought Aluminum
An End-user is manufacturing RV leveling and extension systems. They are using a Daewoo turning center with 8″ chuck with a 250 PSI water soluble oil coolant. The part being machined is an adapter for RV room extension rods made out of wrought aluminum.
Previously, the customer was using a 4 step process to manufacture their products. The procedure included a face and turn, a rough drill, a flat bottom mill, and a boring bar. Each process was done with separate tooling and the total cycle time was 45.73 seconds. Looking to AMEC for improvement, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time and tooling costs.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested using an EcoCut classic style, a 1.5 times diameter .787 drill with drill body, item # EC 20R-1.5D 10E. Additionally, they would use an insert, item # XCET 10T308FN-27P grade H216-T. All of the operations would now be able to be completed with one tool. The results were excellent. With a cycle time of 22.38 seconds, the EcoCut tooling was able to reduce the machine’s cycle time by 23.35 seconds. Additionally, the customer received a total savings of $2,412.47 or 59%.
Using the new tooling, the customer was able to save a significant amount of money and lower the machine’s cycle time. Tooling costs were also reduced since the EcoCut was able to complete all the operations without using separate tooling for each process.