AccuThread 856® ThreadMill 410 Stainless Steel Off-Shore Industry
An End-user is manufacturing components for the offshore oil industry using a Mazak VMC running with 500 PSI coolant. They are machining a choke body for a valve made out of 410 stainless steel. The part requires 5 threaded holes 0.6560″ in diameter and 0.6250″ deep.
Previously the customer was first drilling the holes with an AMEC GEN2-TA® drill insert item #450H-0021. Then they used an Advent Threadmill item #341058-1C5Z running at the following parameters: 2500 RPM, 324 SFM, 0.0045 IPR, and 2.76 IPM. Using a 2-pass program, the tool had a cycle time of 1 minute 37.5 seconds. The tool had a life of 110 holes. Looking for improvements, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time and decrease their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended using the AccuThread 856™ Threadmill item #TMUK0750-10 running at 3087 RPM, 400 SFM, 0.006 IPR, and 4.55 IPM. Installed in an ER collet, the tool was run using a 2-pass program and had a life of 110 holes. The GEN2-TA® insert used in the previous process was still used to drill the initial holes. The results were outstanding. The tool decreased cycle time to only 1 minute 2 seconds. Additionally, the customer lowered their cost of production and received a total cost savings of $105.65 or 24.0%.
Due to the success of the AccuThread 856™ Threadmill, the customer has now ordered 6 additional sizes of the tool to be used in other applications.