ALVAN® Reamer Cast Iron
The End-user is manufacturing components for recreational and industrial vehicles such as motorcycles, utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles. Using an Okuma HMC with 200 PSI water soluble flood coolant, the customer was machining a hydraulic transmission component made out of grey cast iron.
Previously the customer was using a BIG Kaiser finish bore running at the following parameters: 3802 RPM, 500 SFM, 0.003 IPR, and 11.41 IPM. Using a 2-pass program, the tool created a 1.20″ deep hole with a 0.5023″ diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 12.6 seconds and a life of 75 parts. Seeking to streamline their production process, the customer wanted to increase tool life and lower their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended the ALVAN® Reamer straight flute short monobloc series 92440 P01 cermet uncoated with V lead. The AMEC tooling was run at the following parameters: 2200 RPM, 289 SFM, 0.019 IPR, and 41.80 IPM. The results of the test were excellent. The ALVAN® Reamer reduced the cycle time to only 1.7 seconds and increased the tool life to a stunning 3176 parts while achieving a superior finish. As a result, the customer lowered their cost of production and received a substantial cost savings of $2,407.26 or 52.2%.
Due to the success of the AMEC tooling, the customer was able to achieve their goals by increasing tool life and lowering their costs. The customer was also able to reduce cycle time and achieve a superior finish.