Form Tool Alloy Steel Automotive
An End-user is manufacturing piston pins for internal combustion engines and compressor applications for the automotive industry. They are using a Custom Twin Spindle Pneumatic V-block without coolant and running at a speed of 1500 RPM and 55 IPM. The specific part being machined is an extruded blank made out of alloy steel.
Previously, the customer was using a 3 step process to manufacture their products that included face, OD chamfer, and bore tapered ID. Seeking to improve their production, the customer wanted to machine both ends of the part at the same time. They also wanted to improve chip control and evacuate chips from the part while maintaining the 5 second cycle time. Finally, they wanted to increase the flexibility of setup and produce 5000 pins.
AMEC's Solution
In response to the customer’s desire for improvement, AMEC’s application engineers suggested installing an Acculube system, also known as an air mist lubricant, which is used to design holders and special form inserts that are job specific and utilize rotary coolant adapters. The results were excellent. The tool met the customer’s expectations by maintaining the 5 second cycle time and the chip control and finish was met with final geometry. Additionally, the tool life exceeded 10,000 pins per index (two inserts) with C-1 carbide and the customer was extremely satisfied with the performance of our tooling.
This project brought attention to the older style tooling still used on the straight wall pins. In this application, the changes in tooling increased tool life from 4,000 pins to 8,000 pins.