GEN3SYS® A516 Grade 70 Heat Exchanger
The end-user is manufacturing structural components made from A516 steel using a Vertical Machining Center, with 75 PSI through tool synthetic coolant.
Previously the customer was using a Sandvik 880 Drill running at the following parameters: 3800 RPM, 0.003 IPR (0,08 mm/rev), which resulted in 11.4 IPM (295 mm/min). The tool drilled a 0.688" (17,5 mm) diameter hole to a 1.5" (38,1 mm) depth. The tool had a cycle time of 7.9 seconds. The cost per hole of the competitive tool came in at $1.11, which was higher than the customer was comfortable with having to pay. They shopped around for equal or greater tool quality, but wanted a lower cost per hole.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the GEN3SYS® using insert item 5C117H-0022-LR and holder 60317S-075F. The tooling ran at a speed of 2100 RPM, 0.009 IPR (0,23 mm/rev), which resulted in 18.9 IPM (480 mm/min). GEN3SYS® had a cycle time of 4.8 seconds, 3 seconds per hole less than the competitive tool, nearly 40% less than the competitive cycle time.
The outcome was in favor of Allied and the GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling System, as the penetration rates increased from 11.6 to 18.9 IPM. The cost per hole dropped from $1.11 to $0.75. Utilizing the 880 drill for the 1,200-hole job cost the customer $1,332.00, but the Allied GEN3SYS® solution reduced that cost to $900.00, for a cost savings of over 32%.