Opening Drill®/Revolution Drill® A36 Steel Heavy Steel Fabricators
The end-user is manufacturing weldments using A36 steel plates. Initially, their process involves what they specialize in flame cutting the roughed hole. The customer is then machining these parts on a SuperMAX Machining Center, utilizing flood coolant.
Previously the customer flame burned a rough hole and then experimented with a mixed selection of tooling, including twist drills, spade drills, indexable end mills and finish bore tools, to circle interpolate and finish bore. They were unhappy with the results and the time it took to complete the operation, but used this tooling because they were unaware that newer technology existed. On routine ‘patrol’ AMEC field personnel visited the customer and discovered the opportunity.

This application required a 4.02" diameter, 4" deep thru-hole. The different tooling came with different parameters, but the best results they were able to produce offered a 35 minute cycle time.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the combination of the new Revolution Drill, item number R42x22-150L and the Opening Drill, item number OP3-1S-1.5. Revolution was run at 700 SFM, with .004 IPR and 4.3 IPM. The Opening Drill ran at 800 SFM, .005 IPR and 3.8 IPM. What previously took 35 minutes to complete was now achieved in just 2 minutes, thanks to the Allied tooling. It is noteworthy that the flame-cut hole offer a more difficult-to-machine hardness that slowed the ordinary tooling down considerably. Allied’s Opening Drill opened the hole from 2.5" to 4.02" in just one pass, hence the enormous time savings.
The cost per hole dropped drastically from $58.45 (based on a conservative $100 per hour of machine time) to an amazing $3.34 per hole, for a cost savings of 90.6%. The customer knew that Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. has been the leader in hole making and was extremely pleased they remained open to the new tooling such as the Allied Revolution and Opening Drills