EcoCut Powder Metal
An End-user is manufacturing motor couplings out of powder metal. They are using an Okuma CNC Lathe with 200 PSI coolant through the tool to machine the center hole to 1.250″, +.002, -.000, starting with 3/8″ diameter cored hole.
Previously, the customer was using a Sandvik indexable drill running at a speed of 400 SFM and .005 IPR to drill a .984″ center hole. Next they bored a hole to 1.250″ with a Sandvik indexable boring bar running at a speed of 200 SFM and .003 IPR. This process had a total cycle time of 62.59 seconds. To stay competitive with other companies, the customer wanted to reduce machining costs.
AMEC's Solution
In response to the customer’s desire for improvement, AMEC recommended using the EcoCut process. They suggested drilling and boring the hole with a holder, item # EC 25R-1.5D 13-E, and a grade GM 40 insert, item # XCNT 130408EN. It was suggested that the drill be run at a speed of 550 SFM and .0025 IPR while the bore be run at a speed of 550 SFM and .008 IPR. As a result of this new procedure, the cycle time was reduced to only 23.41 seconds. Additionally, the customer received a total cost savings of $9,475.84 or 62.26%.
Since the completion of the initial test, the customer has converted to the EcoCut process for additional sizes of couplings. This has eliminated any tool storage issues because fewer tools are being used.