Revolution Drill® A36 Structural Steel Construction Machinery
The end-user is manufacturing turrets made out of A36 structural steel, using a Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Machining Center, MC60 with high pressure flood coolant.
Previously the customer used an HSS twist drill to make the holes, followed up by a Komet Twin Bore tool running at the following parameters: 100 RPM, .010 IPR (0,25 mm/rev), which resulted in 1.0 IPM ( 25,4 mm/min).

The tool drilled two 2.1" (53,34 mm) diameter through holes to a depth of 2.5" (63,5 mm). The tool had a total cycle time of 5.03 minutes per part (2 minutes and 30 seconds per hole) and a life of 15 holes. Looking for improvements, the customer wanted to reduce the cost of this drilling operation.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the Revolution Drill®, using insert item OP-05T308-H and holder R36x22-150L. The tooling ran at a speed of 825 RPM, .003 IPR (0,076mm/rev), which resulted in 2.475 IPM (62,87 mm/min). The outcome was clearly in favor of the Revolution Drill®, which completed the job with an appreciably shorter cycle time of 1.02 minutes per part while the tool life increased to 22 holes.
The cost per finished part was reduced from Komet’s $10.71 to Allied’s $4.54, for a substantial bottom line dollar savings of 57.6%. The Revolution Drill® did what it does best, and won its place in this account.