Opening Drill® Low Carbon Steel Automotive
The End-user is manufacturing automotive components for a specialty truck manufacturer. They are using a Giddings & Lewis 35 HP Boring Mill with minimal coolant pressure to machine an axle weldment made out of 1018 low carbon steel.
Previously, the customer was using three Komet tools of different diameters to complete the operation which had a finish hole size of 2.480″ with a 6.0″ depth. First they used a 2.120″ diameter Komet Twin Cutter running at 681 RPM and 5.5 IPM to create a 6.0″ deep hole. Next they used a 2.360″ diameter Komet Twin Cutter running at 681 RPM and 5.5 IPM at the same depth. Finally they used a 2.480″ diameter Komet Twin Cutter running at 620 RPM and 4.8 IPM at the same depth. The total cycle time for the operation was 3 minutes 25 seconds. Unsatisfied with their current process, the customer wanted to reduce the number of tools used to complete the operation and lower tooling costs.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the Opening Drill item #OP1-1L-SS1.5 with insert #OP-05T308-H running at the following parameters: 462 RPM, 300 SFM, 0.006 IPR, and 2.77 IPM. The results of the test were excellent. The Opening Drill™ reduced the number of tools needed to complete the operation from three tools to only one tool. The Allied tool also reduced cycle time to 2 minutes 10 seconds, by completing the application in just one pass of the drill. Additionally, the customer lowered their tooling costs to save $1200.00.
Due to the successful performance of the Allied tooling, the customer was thoroughly satisfied with the Opening Drill and plans to use additional sizes of the tool for other applications.