Opening Drill® Free Machining Steel Automotive
An End-user is manufacturing automotive components using a Puma 40HP lathe with water soluble thru-tool coolant. The customer is machining an automotive gear blank out of free machining steel.
Previously the customer began with a standard automotive gear blank with a 1.5″ diameter hole. However they often received orders for blanks with larger diameters. To accommodate such orders, the customer used a 2.0″ OTM core drill to increase the hole. Drilling to a 6.0″ depth, the core drill was run at a speed of 764 RPM, 400 SFM, 0.004 IPR, and 3.056 IPM which resulted in a cycle time of 2 minutes. Then the customer did several boring passes to size the hole as needed. The boring tool was run at a speed of 492 RPM, 400 SFM, 0.004 IPR, and 1.96 IPM. This resulted in a cycle time of 3 minutes 4 seconds per boring pass. With 10 passes, the total boring cycle time was 31 minutes. The total cycle time of the operation was 33 minutes. The customer wanted to increase productivity, reduce cycle time and lower their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the Opening Drill™ body item #OP2-1L-SS-1.5. The customer began with 1.5″ standard blanks and set the Opening Drill™ to size 0.100″ smaller than the desired diameter running at 635 RPM, 500 SFM, 0.005 IPR, and 3.18 IPM. This resulted in a cycle time of 1 minute 53 seconds. After opening the hole, the tool took 1 boring pass to achieve the desired hole size. The boring pass was run at 492 RPM, 400 SFM, 0.005 IPR and 2.46 IPM and had a cycle time of 2 minute 26 seconds. The total cycle time was 4 minutes 19 seconds. The results of the test were outstanding. The customer now uses only the Opening Drill™ with a boring pass to complete the operation. The Allied tooling significantly decreased cycle time to only 4 minutes 19 seconds compared to a cycle time of 33 minutes. The tooling increased productivity and decreased downtime, thereby lowering the customer’s cost of production.
Thanks to the success of the Opening Drill® the customer has ordered additional sizes of the AMEC tooling and plans to purchase more as needed.