GEN2 T-A® Low Carbon Steel
The customer is a general machine shop that does various parts for different segments of industry from automotive, aerospace or agriculture. A typical job is 500-10,000 piece runs, anything from cast irons to forgings. The machinery they use is 4 knee mills, 2 engine lathes, 3 Haas turning center, 3 turning centers 2 of which are brand new Hardinge CNC turning centers, and a couple of drill presses. These machines utilize water soluble oil base coolant.
The customer was originally using a YG1 TiAIN coated blade. This was run at 225 SFm and 0.010 IPR. The customer needed to do some 1144 round stock that need a 7/8″ diameter hole 1-1/2″ deep. The customer also needs 10,000 pieces to their customer within a month.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC suggested using their GEN2 T-A® 451H-0028 and 21015S-100F. This would be run at 275 SFM and .012 IPR. The results were evident. Per 10,000 holes that were processed, the AMEC cost per hole was $0.261 while the competitor’s was $0.328. The total cost savings with the AMEC tool was $676.03 or 20.56%.
AMEC enabled the customer to reduce their cycle time, thus enabling them to deliver the pieces to their customer on time. In addition, the costs of production were lowered so their products were manufactured cheaper.