GEN3SYS® Automotive Alloy Forged Steel
An end-user is manufacturing Pitman shafts made out of 9310 Alloy Forged Steel for the automotive industry. They are using a Mori Seiki CNC Lathe with Water Sol thru-spindle coolant on this application.
Previously the customer was using a SECO Crownloc drill, running at a speed of 2314 RPM, 323 SFM, 0.006 IPR and 13.88 IPM. The tool had a cycle time of 6 minutes 48 seconds and a tool life of 400 holes. Based on previous success with the AMEC GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling System, the customer wanted to see if a special form insert design on the GEN3SYS® tool would provide similar outstanding results as its ‘off the shelf’ cousin. Seeking to improve their production process, the customer wanted to test AMEC against SECO.
AMEC's Solution
Allied designed and manufactured a special form GEN3SYS® insert drill.
The parameters were identical to those of the SECO Crownloc…2314 RPM, 323 SFM, 0.006 IPR and 13.88 IPM. The tool had the same cycle time of 6 minutes 48 seconds. The GEN3SYS® produced an amazing 1,400 holes… an extra 1,000 holes at the same speeds & feeds. And the customer simply switched from a good tool to an outstanding one in the GEN3SYS® Special Form Drill Insert.

The cost per hole dropped from $0.335 to $0.188. This project required 600,000 holes, which initially cost the customer $201,146.16. AMEC and GEN3SYS® reduced the cost to $112,918.06. What a truly amazing success story. The customer saved $88,280.10, or 43.86%.
The GEN3SYS® with the Special Form Insert met, even exceeded the customer’s expectations. By running in a head-to-head competition with the Crownloc tool, Allied was able to reinforce its standing as the leader in the metal cutting industry.