Opening Drill® Structural Steel Contract Machine Shop
The End-user is a subcontractor that produces precision-machined components for a variety of industries, including nuclear and submarine components. The part being machined is a swing arm assembly made out of A36 Structural Steel, using a Milltronics Partner VMC with flood coolant.
Previously, the customer was using a Komet Indexable Drill running at the following parameters: 636 RPM, 500 SFM, 0.004 IPR, and 2.54 IPM. The tool drilled a 3.000″ diameter hole with a 3.0″ depth. The tool had a cycle time of 1 minute, 11 seconds and a life of 75 holes. A second operation was required using an Ingersoll Indexable Roughing Mill, which opened the hole to 3.2". The customer was seeking to reduce cycle time and lower their cost.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the Opening Drill® using insert item # OP-05T308 and body #OP3-1S-SS1.5 running at a speed of 716 RPM, 600 SFM, 0.0045 IPR, and 3.22 IPM. The results of the test met the customer’s expectations. The Opening Drill® tooling reduced cycle time to only 56 seconds and increasing tool life to 100 holes. Cycle time was reduced by 22.5%. By increasing productivity, the customer succeeded in reducing their cost by saving $2.14 per hole.
Thanks to the successful performance of the Opening Drill® tooling, the customer succeeded in reducing the cycle time and lowering their cost of production, saving 34.7%.