Opening Drill® Heavy Off-Road Equipment Structural Steel
The End-user manufactures Steel Lift Arms, for use in the Heavy Equipment industry. Customer had purchased two new horizontal boring machines in order to produce these parts. The customer heard good things about the Allied Opening Drill, so decided to bring it in to compete against Kennametal for the rough boring process.
Previously, the customer was using boring bars, but with two new machines, the stage was set for head-to-head competition.

  • Machine 1 was tooled up in the old process with Kennametal twin head boring bars to do all the boring operations
  • Machine 2 was tooled up with AMEC Opening Drill® to perform all the boring operations.

Both machines used a single point bore with coated cermet for finish diameters. The work pieces, made of A36, were stacked plates, and coolant type with 430 PSI pressure, was synthetic with additives. There were five hole diameters and depths in this complex operation. The hole-making applications included the following data: 101.7mm diameter, with a depth of 78mm.

On Machine 1, the Kennametal tool had to run two passes to achieve the desired outcome. The revolutions per minute for the boring operations were 528 and 790 RPM. The feed rates used were 430 and 715 SFM, 0.015 and 0.012 IPR, resulting in penetration rates of 7.95 and 9.48 inches per minute, respectively. The boring bar insert life was approximately 20 minutes. The cycle time for this boring operation was: 4 minutes.

Machine 2 was outfitted with Allied Opening Drill, item number, OP3-1S-CV50. The speeds & feeds were: 288 RPM, 300 SFM, 0.006 IPR and 1.73 IPM. Tool life has been set at 30 minutes of cut time. The cycle time for this drilling operation was: 2 minutes,18 seconds.
AMEC's Solution
The Opening Drills scored a huge victory in this tool comparison, as it saved the end-user 42.5% of machine time… @ $200/hr. Nearly cutting that machine time in half freed up the production equipment for other hole-making projects while saving significant amounts of capital for the end-user.
The Allied Opening Drills effectively reduced cycle time by 42.5%, while increasing tool life by 50% over the previous process. Allied won the head-to-head competition decisively.