Special Chrome Helix 300M Casting Aerospace
The customer is an aerospace manufacturer that makes landing gear actuators. The machine they use to manufacture their products is a Giddens & Lewis HMC290 50HP with Hangsterfers H500-CF coolant.
The customer originally used several steps in order to manufacture their product. First they did a rough drill with a Kennametal indexable. Second, they drill formed with an AMEC special form blade. Third, they bore to blend bore with angles. Lastly, they sanded and polished the bore. This process was run at 60 SFM and .007 IPR. The customer wanted to eliminate several manual operations on the blending and polishing, a process that was taking 3-4 hours per part.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC suggested using a special chrome helix holder (part #041217-31). It is a T-A® CNC ground blade with TiAIN coating. These blades are known for a consistent finish and sizing. The blades would be run at 90 SFM and .015 IPR. The results showed once again that AMEC was stronger. It took less than one hour for blending and sanding. The machine cycle time was also cut to 12 minutes a part versus 50 minutes with 50% less load on the spindle. There was $495.00 cost savings per part and the new blade cut the time to 30-45 minutes.
Instead of the 3-4 hours the process was originally taking, the customer saved 2 1/2 to 3 hours in cycle time. With this drop in cycle time also came reduced costs.