GEN3SYS® Medium Carbon Steel Automotive
The End-user is manufacturing bushings and bearings for diesel engines, turbochargers, and other automotive components. Using a Mori Seiki VMC running with 220 PSI flood coolant, the customer was machining a bearing made out of medium carbon steel.
Previously the customer was using a Titex solid carbide drill running at the following parameters: 954 RPM, 196 SFM, 0.0078 IPR, and 7.44 IPM. The tool drilled a 0.1969″ (5 mm) deep hole with a 0.7874″ (20 mm) diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 1.6 seconds and a life of 14,000 holes. Unsatisfied with their current production process, the customer wanted to reduce the cycle time.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling System using insert item #5C120H-20 and holder #60320H-25FM running at a speed of 1192 RPM, 246 SFM, 0.0138 IPR, and 16.44 IPM. The results were excellent and went beyond the customer’s expectations. The GEN3SYS® tool reduced the cycle time to 0.7 seconds and increased the tool life to 17,000 holes.
Thanks to the successful performance of the GEN3SYS® tooling the customer has adopted this product as their drill of choice throughout their shop.