GEN3SYS® Alloy Steel Oil & Gas
The customer is a wellhead company that manufactures equipment and provides field service for the oil and gas industry. They are using both Toyoda and Monarch 25HP machining centers with 600 PSI and 1000 PSI though-tool coolant to machine a casting valve body made out of 4130 and 4140 alloy steel.
Previously the customer was using an Iscar Chamdrill running at the following parameters: 1800 RPM, 360 SFM, 0.0055 IPR, and 9.9 IPM. The tool drilled a 1.50″ deep hole with a 0.7650″ diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 14 seconds and a life of 325 holes. Seeking to streamline their production, the customer wanted to reduce the cycle time and increase the tool life.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended the GEN3SYS® insert item #5C118H-.765 with holder #60318H-100F running at the following parameters: 1800 RPM, 360 SFM, 0.0083 IPR, and 14.94 IPM. The results of the test exceeded the customer’s expectations. The GEN3SYS® tooling succeeded in increasing the tool life to 900 holes and reducing the cycle time to 11 seconds. Additionally, the customer lowered their cost of production. In machining 5000 holes, the customer received a total cost savings of $850.69 or 33.5%.
Based on the success of the AMEC tooling, the customer was thoroughly satisfied. As a result of reducing the cycle time and increasing the tool life, the customer was able to ultimately lower their cost of production.