GEN3SYS® Automotive Alloy Steel
An End-user is manufacturing automotive components using a Mori Seiki VMC with 210 PSI thru-tool coolant. They are machining an axle hub made out of alloy steel.
Previously, the customer was using a SECO Crown Loc drill running at the following parameters: 1347 RPM, 262 SFM, 0.0078 IPR, and 10.6 IPM. The tool created a 0.9843″ (25 mm) deep hole with a diameter of 0.7433" (18.88 mm). The tool had a life of 1600 holes and a cycle time of 5.5 seconds. The customer wanted to ultimately lower their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended using the GEN3SYS® High Penetration drilling system with insert item #5C118H-18.88 and holder #60318H-25FM running at the following parameters: 1684 RPM, 328 SFM, 0.011 IPR, and 18.5 IPM. The results of the test exceeded the customer’s expectations by increasing the tool life to 2000 holes and reducing the cycle time to 3 seconds. Therefore AMEC was able to increase productivity and decrease downtime which lowered the customer’s cost of production.
The GEN3SYS® tool accomplished what it was designed to do; provide positive results through an increase in productivity while reducing downtime.