GEN3SYS® A36 Marine & Mining
The end-user is manufacturing brake shoe mounts made out of A36 steel for the Marine & Mining industry. These components are being machined in a Haas VF-2 machining center, with flood coolant.
Previously the customer was using an Iscar Chamdrill running at the following parameters: 1057 RPM, 0.0023 IPR (0,058 mm/rev), which resulted in 2.5 IPM (63,5 mm/min). The competitive tool drilled a 13/16" (20,62 mm) diameter thru-hole to a 1.25" (31,75 mm) depth. The tool had a cycle time of 30 seconds and a tool life of 200 holes. Iscar was unable to meet the production requirement fast enough, so the customer asked if Allied could deliver what they needed.
AMEC's Solution
Allied delivered! The GEN3SYS® Drill was recommended, using insert item 5C120H-0026 and holder 60320S-100F. The Allied tooling ran at a speed of 1245 RPM, 0.003 IPR (0,0762 mm/rev), which resulted in 3.74 IPM (95 mm/min). The GEN3SYS commanded a lot of attention as it completed the job at a reduced cost. The customer was spending $0.902 per hole with Iscar, but when GEN3SYS® came in at $0.63 per hole, it was clear who was providing the better value. The cost savings allowed by GEN3SYS® were a result of a significantly increased tool life, from 200 to 300 holes. Plus, the end-user enjoyed a decrease in cycle time to 20 seconds per hole, which is a significant drop from 30 seconds required by the competitive tool.
GEN3SYS® was given this opportunity because Iscar was out of stock. After an outstanding performance, GEN3SYS® became the new tool of choice for the end-user, who also preferred the fastening mechanism. The cost savings were impressive as well. More holes were drilled at less cost, for a ‘bonus’ dollar savings of 30.11%.