GEN2 T-A® w/ SK Ductile Iron Major Appliance
The end-user is manufacturing motor housings made out of Ductile Iron using a Kingsbury machine, with flood coolant.
Previously the Kingsbury customer was using a CJT carbide-tipped special drill, running at the following parameters: 1860 RPM, 0.017 IPR (0,43mm/rev), which resulted in 31.62 IPM (803,1mm/min). The tool drilled a 1.071" (27,2mm) diameter hole to a depth of 1.250" (31,8mm). The drill had a tool life of 900 holes. Looking for improvements, the customer wanted to increase througput on their existing equipment. The previous tooling cost was $147.91, plus an additional $67.53 to re-tip the old tools. Tool life averaged 900 holes.
AMEC's Solution
Allied recommended GEN2 T-A® using insert item 4C22H-1.071-SK and a special holder, 070305-3. The tooling ran at the same speed of 1860 RPM, 0.017 IPR which resulted in 31.62 IPM. The outcome was excellent and met the customer’s goals. GEN2 T-A® was able to drill 4000 holes, an increase in tool life by 4.4 times.
The Cost per Hole was reduced from $0.044 to $0.042, a 5% savings. The number of parts drilled in this application increased from 1,000,000 to 1,250,000, making the savings realized, a very impressive $39,874. The customer was able to get more productivity out of his existing production lines without the need to invest in additional machines.