EcoCut Aluminum
A small job shop is manufacturing aftermarket boat parts in the Western United States. They are using a Haas SL-30 with internal coolant running at a speed of 3,400 RPM. The part being machined is a water ski boat tower mounting bracket made out of aluminum.
To manufacture their products, the customer was previously using four tools in their production process. Using a spot drill, twist drill, boring bar, and face/O.D. turning tool, they were boring holes with a 1.750" diameter and 2.125" deep. The customer wanted to improve their production by reducing the number of tools used, producing a flat bottom hole, reducing the cycle time, and providing a lower cost per part.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested using the EcoCut tool, item # EC 32R-2.25D 17-E with a XCET 170508FN-27P H2 16T grade. For drilling, we suggested running the tool at a speed of 700 SFM and .006 IPR. For bore, face, and O.D. turning, it was recommended the tooling be run at a speed of 700 SFM and .010 IPR. The results were astonishing. The EcoCut tool completed 4 operations with 1 tool in 12 minutes compared to the previous process that included 4 operations and 4 tools which took 60 minutes. Therefore, the customer received a total cost savings of 76%.
Using the EcoCut tooling, the customer was able to reduce the number of tools used from four down to just one. The EcoCut tool also automatically created a flat bottom hole and the cycle time was drastically reduced from 60 minutes to 12 minutes. As a result of these improvements, the customer was able to provide a lower cost per part to his clients.