AccuPort432® Nitronic 50
A medium sized contract machine shop is manufacturing small exotic parts made out of Nitronic 50. They are using a Fadal VMC with coolant through the tool to manufacture their products.
Originally, the customer was using four tools in order to complete their production including a center drill, a carbide drill, a Metcut Form Port tool, and an end mill for spot face counter bore. With a cycle time of 2.4 minutes per hole and with 4 holes per part, the total cycle time was 9.6 minutes per part. Turning to AMEC for improvements, the customer wanted to decrease cycle time, decrease the amount of tools used, and receive better tool life.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested they use an Accuport432® tool, item # J1926-04-063F, fitted with insert # 15YA-.386, and an AccuPort form insert, item # J1926-02-05A. Using this operation, the entire process required only 1 tool instead of the previous 4 tools. The results were excellent. With a new cycle time of 30 seconds per hole and therefore only 2.0 minutes per part, the customer reduced their cycle time by over 7½ minutes per part. For every 1000 holes that were processed, the customer received a total cost savings of $6,431.69 or 79%.
Saving a substantial amount of money by switching to AMEC’s tools, the customer was exceptionally pleased with the performance of the AccuPort432® tooling. They also dramatically reduced their cycle time while eliminating 4 tools from the process.