CB Style


The CB style boring heads offer the largest boring range of any of our boring heads. This is the best choice when you have a variety of bore sizes to produce. The CB Style has been designed for use on CNC machining centers. Our standard model CB Style boring head have .001” or .02mm on diameter direct reading dial adjustment. While our Micro-Adjusting models have additional .00005” or .001mm on diameter direct reading Micro-Adjusting dials.

  • Large diameter mounting surface gives maximum rigidity and stability
  • Inch Model CB Style Boring Range .050” – 21.500” in Diameter
  • Metric Model CB Style Boring Range 3mm – 341mm in Diameter
  • V-Flange, BT-Flange, DIN 69871, DIN2080 and HSK shanks available
  • Ideal for Job Shops

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