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Allied's GEN3SYS® XT, our next generation of high penetration drills utilize corner and cutting edge enhancements combined with our new AM300® coating to deliver more durability, reliability, and productivity. The new GEN3SYS® XT geometry is designed to increase penetration rates and tool life, providing the lowest cost per hole among high penetration drill lines.


Features & Benefits:


·      Available in 4 Geometries: Standard (XT), Austenitic Stainless Steel (AS), Cast Iron (CI) and Low Rake (LR)

·      Provides excellent chip control, improved durability and added stability

·      Available in Stub, 3xD, 5xD & 7xD

·      Utilizes Standard GEN3SYS® Holders

·      Diameter Range: 11mm to 35mm

·      GEN3SYS® XT increases hole quality, surface finish and true position




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