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ISO 6149-1:1993 / SAE J-2244-1



This tool is designed to produce ports that adhere to the ISO 6149-1:1993 (SAE J-2244-1) metric specification.



Allied's AccuPort 432® Port Contour Cutters are produced to strict manufacturing tolerances.

This provides the customer with the assurance that the forms produced are within the finish tolerances of each specification.


Drill and finish forms port in ONE operation.


Patent Pending Design

-For ports and stud ends with straight threads and o-ring sealing.

-Eliminates the need for pre-drilling.

-Allows for efficient set-up and production time.

-Saves on tool cost.

-Replaceable insert design eliminates regrinding and resetting.


Also Available in:

  • SAE J-1926 (ISO 11926-1)
  • MilSpec - SAE AS5202 (Formerly MilSpec MS-33649) 

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