Opening Drill®


The Opening Drill® is an extremely effective tool designed to enlarge existing holes. It is available in six different shank styles: straight; ABS 63; Cat V40/V50; HSK 63A/C /100A/C; BT 40/BT50 and DV50.


Features and Benefits


  • Opens an existing hole in a single operation
  • The Allied Opening Drill® ignores core shifts up to 1/8" (3.175mm) providing straight and true holes without boring
  • The Allied Opening Drill® allows for large amounts of material removal
  • Unique design enables larger holes to be made on low horsepower machines
  • Multi-insert design reduces chip size for easy chip evacuation
  • Smooth cutting action and quiet operation in lathes and mills
  • Can be used as a rotating or stationary tool
  • The Allied Opening Drill® can be used in rough boring operations
  • Replaceable cartridge protects your investment
  • Adjustable diameters reduce inventory and cost
  • Special lengths, diameters, and shanks available upon request


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