Allied Criterion Modular Boring Systems

Allied Criterion™ Boring Systems are a complete solution for your precision hole making requirements. You can create a specialized assembly to meet your application requirements using the large selection of standard components. The large mounting surfaces provide maximum rigidity and stability for use in CNC machining centers.

  • Popular CNC Tool Holder Shanks
  • Single Point Boring Tools for Finish Boring
  • Twin Cut Boring Heads for Rapid Material Removal
  • Micro-Adjusting Boring Heads for Close Tolerances
  • Large Boring Ranges 


Allied Criterion's Cri-Bore Modular System is an excellent selection for finish boring. The standard Cri-Bore models have .001” on diameter direct reading dials for easy adjustment. The Micro-Adjusting Cri-Bore models have .00005” on diameter direct reading dials for close tolerance applications.



The versatility of the Cri-Twin Modular System makes it an ideal choice for preparing a hole for a finish boring operation. The twin cutting edges ensure that the hole is round, straight and on the location for your final boring operation. You have three insert holder styles to choose from whether you need a flat bottom, rapid material removal or a large amount of material removed.


CB Style Boring Head

The CB style boring head offers the largest boring range of any of our boring heads. This is your best choice when you have a variety of bore sizes to produce. The CB Style has been designed for use on CNC machining centers. The CB Style boring head is available with our standard .001” on diameter adjustment and .00005” on diameter Micro-Adjusting dials.



Criterion™ Allied’s modular boring systems are designed not only for our holders but also for connecting to the competition. The Cri-Tip system is available with KA connections and ABS connections. The advantages of the Cri-Bore, Cri-Twin and CB Style boring heads is that they can be used without having to purchase special adapters or modifying the boring head.

CBER® Boring System

The only boring system available today that fits directly into standard ER collet holders. Easily move from one machine to another without having to purchase a special holder for each machine. The CBER was designed for Mill/Turn machines, Right Angle heads and small machining centers.